Robin Williams Suicide Involved NO Alcohol Or Illegal Drugs; He Was Being Treated For Parkinson’s: Coroner Report

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Robin Williams Seroquel

By Daniel Gates

Robin Williams Seroquel

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Robin Williams had anti-depressants in his system when he committed suicide in August — but not alcohol or illegal drugs, the Coroner in Marin County, California revealed in a new report issued on Friday. Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease and coping with depression and anxiety and paranoia, but he was sober at the time of his death.

According to the report, there were “therapeutic concentrations” of medication in Williams’ body. The late actor and comedian was prescribed Seroquel, a drug for bipolar disorders and depression, the week before he killed himself. He began suffering symptoms from Parkinson’s in 2011 and had recently been taking levodopa to treat it. Additionally, the web browser on Williams’ iPad shows that he was looking at online discussions of medications including Lyrica and propranolol.

Williams died on August 11 after hanging himself with a belt following attempts to cut his wrists with a pocket knife. His last outgoing phone call was a 38-second call to his wife Susan the night before his death. She told authorities he was picking up magazines for her on his way home. His widow also said that he seemed “excited” the last time she saw Williams, at approximately 10:30 p.m. Earlier in the night, he’d retrieved the iPad from their closet. She said he hadn’t watched television or read anything in months as he battled depression.

Given the way he died, authorities asked whether Williams had an interest in auto-erotica. His wife said he did not, but mentioned that his World’s Greatest Dad character’s son died from autoerotic asphyxiation in that movie, and that it had been “difficult and emotional” for him.

Williams’ wife prayed with Sheriff’s deputies over his dead body before it was removed from the house. His ashes were scattered off the California coast on August 22.

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