Robin Williams Speaks Candidly About Depression And Addiction in Marc Maron Interview – LISTEN HERE

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Robin Williams Marc Maron WTF Podcast

By Michael Lewittes


Robin Williams Marc Maron WTF Podcast


Following the news of Robin Williamstragic death, comedian Marc Maron reposted an eye-opening interview he conducted in 2010 with Williams during which the Oscar winner candidly spoke of his struggles with depression and addiction. Maron added an updated introduction to his original WTF podcast, and discussed his interaction with Williams.

“I wanted to repost this episode because this episode, you know it… it changed my life, and it changed many people’s perception of Robin Williams,” Maron says in the new intro. “And I want to tell you right out of the gate that it is delicate in it that he does discuss his battle with drugs and alcohol. He does talk about his depression. He talks about his heart attack. He talks about his career.”

Maron notes, “He talks about it in a way that most people had never heard him talk about anything, and I certainly haven’t.” “Depression is real. I don’t have any details. I don’t know what happened,” he says of Williams’ apparent suicide, adding, “I can’t make a comment. I was never in his inner circle. But I do feel the loss, and I do know what depression is, and I do know from talking to him personally that this was something he struggled with.”

Maron ends his heartfelt introduction by saying, “The world is going to miss Robin Williams. The world is going to feel his absence. Certainly right now, but moving forward as well. You’ll see.” “It’s a very sad day,” he adds. “But I’m happy I have this conversation to share with you.” NOTE: Maron’s audio is no longer available.

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