In Touch Continues To Exploit Robin Williams’ Death With Uninformed Garbage

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Robin Williams Shock Treatment

By Daniel Gates

Robin Williams Shock Treatment

(In Touch)

In Touch continues to exploit Robin Williams’ death with despicable cover stories.

The magazine, which has no idea what the hell it’s talking about, degraded itself last week with a made-up, sleazy report about the late actor’s alleged last words and suicide notes. Now the tabloid is claiming to know about the “medical mistake that led to his suicide.”

What “mistake,” exactly? In Touch says that Williams could have been saved if only he’d fought his depression with electroconvulsive therapy (also known as shock treatment).

The magazine gets that answer from some random doctor who never treated Williams.

Or the actor could have been saved if he’d undergone transcranial magnetic stimulation (T.M.S.), the same random doctor tells In Touch. The tabloid promises to reveal a “shocking secret of his final week.”

What’s the so-called secret? “He was behaving like he normally does,” reveals In Touch. That’s the big scoop the magazine claims to have learned: Williams was behaving normally?

In Touch seems not to know anything about Robin Williams. The magazine just has the contact information for doctors willing to blather about someone they never met, days after his suicide, speculating blindly about how his life could have been saved. It’s garbage from the same publication that lied last week about knowing what Williams said in his final moments. It’s clear that In Touch doesn’t care about informing its readers — only about continuing to milk Williams’ death. It’s shameful.

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