Robin Roberts NOT In “$125 Million Prenup Battle,” Despite Report

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By Daniel Gates

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The National Enquirer likes big numbers.

It likes manufacturing stories about $100 million divorces and $300 million splits and $250 million nightmares and $16 million fake pregnancies.

So when “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts recently came out of the closet and officially acknowledged her longtime girlfriend, Amber Laign, the Enquirer had the perfect angle!

“Robin Roberts’ $125 Million Prenup Battle!” shrieks the outlet, even though Roberts and Laign are NOT engaged or planning a wedding.

Indeed, the Enquirer story is mostly filler about the women’s long relationship and Laign being by Roberts’ side during the anchor’s recent health battles.

But the tabloid says Roberts’ family fears she could “lose [her] fortune” if she’s not careful about making arrangements before marrying Laign.

Except… there is no marriage plan, there is no prenup, and there is no battle.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the whole story is “off base.”

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