Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Hollywood ‘Weirdos’ (VIDEO)

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Robert Pattinson David Cronberg

By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson David Cronberg


Robert Pattinson talked about working with director David Cronenberg and how actors can be “weirdos” in a new interview with Yahoo! The actor, whose new movie Maps To The Stars opens in Canada on Friday, previously collaborated with Cronenberg on Cosmopolis, and said “soon after” they finished that film, the director asked, “Do you want to do the next one?”

Pattinson noted that he trusts and admires Cronenberg so much, he said yes to doing Maps To The Stars, even though he hadn’t seen the script. In fact, the heartthrob recalled the script for the movie didn’t land in his hands for a good six months after he agreed to be in the film. Pattinson added that he “didn’t even know what the part was at all until quite soon to shooting it.”

He was then asked whether Cronenberg had mentioned that his part in Maps To The Stars would be more of a supporting role, to which Pattinson pretended to become indignant, and joked, “He told me it was the lead.”

As for why Pattinson enjoys working with Cronenberg so much, he said, “I like the mood on his set.” Plus, it seems the director doesn’t do take after take like some other directors do. “I didn’t do anymore than one take on anything,” said the actor, adding, “It’s a nice way to work.”

Maps To The Stars paints a dark picture of Hollywood and those who chase fame and others who have suffered because of it. When questioned about some of the film’s dark characters, Pattinson expounded on how actors “examine themselves a lot,” and “spend a lot of time being self-obsessed,” which can result in them becoming a “weirdo.” That said, Pattinson admitted, “I always find weirdos kind of entertaining and interesting… and have a lot of patience for them.”

Check out the interview below, and tell us what you think. Note: Video no longer available.

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