Kristen Stewart Wearing Robert Pattinson’s Underwear While He’s Gone?

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart apparently thinks the best way to win back Robert Pattinson’s heart is through his… underwear,” reports Star. The tabloid, which seems obsessed with Stewart and Pattinson’s intimate life despite having an embarrassingly sloppy track record when it comes to the couple, contends that a “friend” has revealed Stewart’s been “wearing RPatz’ boxers since he left to film The Rover in Australia and told her not to visit.”

“Kristen is beside herself over Rob’s decision to step back from their relationship and has started wearing his old undies every day,” the source tells Star. The mag wants badly to portray Stewart as desperate and dependent. According to Star’s so-called “insider,” Pattinson “freaked out when KStew tearfully told him about wearing his drawers.” “He thought it was creepy. Kristen’s clinginess has been a problem, and this is just a step too far!” declares the tabloid’s source. Uh-huh.

Is this the same “friend” who wrongly told the publication last November that an allegedly paranoid Pattinson was keeping Stewart on a “short leash.” Now, all of a sudden, he supposedly wants to run away from her? Star can keep running sexed-up and contradictory interpretations of Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship, but the notion that their “insiders” have any knowledge whatsoever is laughable.

As Gossip Cop has said repeatedly — and consistently — Pattinson’s Australian excursion is a professional trip. There’s no hidden crisis, and Stewart is not telling friends that she’s wearing his underwear everyday to strengthen their bond. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Star story is “ludicrous.”

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