Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s “Relationship Threatened By Oscars?”

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By Shari Weiss


Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Relationship Threatened By Oscars?” asks HollywoodLife, which rarely has any answers.

The webloid writes, “There’s a strong possibility that Kristen may be nominated for an Academy Award based on her performance in On The Road. But will a win affect her relationship with Robert Pattinson?”

HollywoodLife goes on to note that an Oscar “win would mean better film roles, more choices and greater salary demands for Kristen. Her career would be catapulted in a new direction.”

“However, on the down side, there’s a chance a win could affect her relationship with Rob,” claims the blog, which further alleges, “There’s a possibility that Rob could feel envious of Kristen’s success.”

So, what evidence does HollywoodLife provide to support its claim?

The site notes that Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock, both former Oscar winners, ended up divorced after their big wins — and that’s it.

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“While we certainly hope Kristen is nominated and does win, we hope to see Rob and Kristen together forever,” cries HollywoodLife in its conclusion.

Let’s get this straight.

More than a month before nominations are even revealed, HollywoodLife says there’s reason to be concerned about how a potential Academy Award win could possibly affect Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship.

And since the blog couldn’t even muster up one of its fictional “sources” to provide a made-up “quote” supporting its concerns, HollywoodLife instead decided to write a purely speculative and sensational post about what could happen in February, based solely on two other actresses’ relationships, which failed for a multitude of reasons.

In other words, this is ridiculous.

Whether or not Stewart wins an Oscar will likely have absolutely nothing to do with whether the couple is “together forever.”

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked with a source close to the couple, and is assured that neither Stewart nor Pattinson is feeling “threatened” by the upcoming awards season.

HollywoodLife’s story, we’re told,” is “idiotic.”


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