Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “Intimate Tell-All” Bombshell is Total Dud

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By Daniel Gates


According to OK! magazine, an “Intimate Tell-All” about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is about to “expose their secretive romance.”

Oh? The tabloid’s cover promises to reveal the “shocking new interview that has everyone talking,” and to get into the couple’s “wild sex life.” Sounds spicy!

But when you actually open the magazine and read the article (which we don’t advise), it becomes clear OK! has absolutely nothing. The cover “story” is not worth the cheap paper it’s printed on.

For one thing, the main article itself is entirely a quote-heavy recap of Stewart and Pattinson’s Comic-Con appearance from last week. Nothing in the “shocking new interview” is shocking… or news.

What about the purported “Robsten Tell-All” bombshell? Well, we’ll give OK! some credit here for at least taking the time to make up a story instead of lazily rehashing other outlets’ reporting. The mag claims the tell-all book could “blow the roof off Edward and Bella’s crypt, so to speak, with real-life tales of the stars’ wild sex, betrayal, debauchery and — oh, did we mention wild sex?”

How about “mentioning” who is purportedly writing this book? Or when it’s supposedly coming out? OK! has no idea. But a so-called “insider” swears it’s “going to be a very juicy read,” with attention given to how Pattinson “basically stole Kristen from her first love, Michael Angarano, and used castmate Nikki Reed along the way.” Seriously, we’re going back to this nonsense?

The “book” also supposedly gets into how Stewart and Pattinson are “very liberated sexually — there were even suggestions that they were in an open relationship, so that could definitely come up,” speculates the OK! insider. “And of course their love of partying could be a topic.” Read that last quote again. This is an “insider” who knows nothing, throwing random, salacious topics against a wall and saying that some of them could be included in a non-existent “tell-all” that has no author.

Enough. There is no book. Gossip Cop has checked with sources close to Stewart and Pattinson, the Twilight films and publishing. No one has heard anything about a purported Stewart-Pattinson relationship “tell-all” being in the works. This is a case of OK! wanting to use words like “sex” and “partying” and “secrets” in a story about the stars and then using a “book” as cover.

When your track record is as astonishingly bad as the magazine’s is, such desperation is understandable — but still not acceptable.

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