Robert Pattinson “Suddenly Sober” After Alleged Drinking Problem?

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Robert Pattinson Sober

By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson Sober

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Robert Pattinson is “suddenly sober” after realizing he had a major drinking problem, claims Star. According to the tabloid, which falsely accused the actor of going on a “cocaine bender” last year, Pattinson “recently decided to give up the sauce — and found support from his BFFs.”

“Rob had a hard time adjusting to fame and his breakup with Kristen [Stewart], and he turned to alcohol to numb it all,” a “source” tells Star. The tab’s insider adds, “He drank a lot every night, and even during filming. But his health was suffering, and he realized his reputation for drinking could cost him plum roles.”

Star alleges that earlier this month at the Sunset Tower Bar, Pattinson was overheard asking his friends not to drink alcohol around him. Fascinating. Except it’s not true. Star is making it seem like Pattinson, a moderate drinker, had recently been in serious trouble until having an epiphany. But Gossip Cop hears that’s absolutely not the case.

Pattinson’s reputation as a troubled alcoholic is tabloid fiction, as were Star’s previous allegations about the actor’s purported substance abuse. He’s clearly happy and healthy, so the magazine is using that as an opportunity to backtrack from its earlier reporting. A source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop there’s been no change, and that Pattinson never had to “numb” himself with booze.

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