Robert Pattinson Set to “Leave” Kristen Stewart Again, Claims Shameless Blog

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By Daniel Gates


Robert Pattinson Will Leave Kristen Stewart Again,” declares HollywoodLife, Jay Penske’s sloppy and shameless webloid. The outlet, which spent the winter fabricating a “trial separation” for the two stars, only to see its ridiculous story implode as soon as Pattinson returned from a job in Australia, is not giving up on its strategy of trolling fans rather than finding quality sources.

HollywoodLife now suggests that Pattinson’s next professional commitments could create a crisis in his relationship with Stewart. According to the blog, Stewart and Pattinson should “savor” their current time together, “because Rob will not be around much longer!”

The site is referring to the actor’s upcoming film productions, which will require him to work on movie sets where he can’t be with Stewart every second of every day — a situation HollywoodLife finds worrisome.

“Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Will They Survive Another Separation?” asks HollywoodLife, apparently unaware that couples sometimes have jobs to do that occasionally require they be in different locations — and somehow manage not to break up. The webloid speculates, “Looking at Rob’s calendar is sure to make Kristen extremely nervous” because their relationship allegedly “took a huge hit” when Pattinson “told Kristen he wanted to go on a ‘trial separation’ while he was away filming The Rover earlier this year.”

No. None of that happened. There was no “trial separation.” There was no “huge hit” to the relationship. HollywoodLife spent two months manufacturing contradictory stories and misinforming people — and now it looks like that pattern will continue. In the blog’s estimation, EVERY time Stewart and Pattinson are geographically apart, it constitutes a major problem. There are no facts here, nor is there perspective or rational analysis. Just the sensationalism that’s made HollywoodLife one of the gossip industry’s worst polluters.

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