CLAIM: Robert Pattinson Having “Second Thoughts” About Kristen Stewart

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By Daniel Gates


Robert Pattinson is having “second thoughts” about Kristen Stewart, according to In Touch.

The tabloid, which was wrong about the couple before their summer rough patch and after their reconciliation, claims the actor is “having trouble forgiving and forgetting.”

A so-called “friend” tells In Touch that while Pattinson and Stewart are “spending more and more time together as they try to see if they can work it out,” Pattinson is having doubts.

“Ever since he took her back, she’s been like a different person,” explains the tab’s source. “She’s so needy.”

According to the In Touch source, “She knows Rob isn’t 100 percent back in their relationship. That’s why she’s being so clingy.”

The magazine adds that everyone around Pattinson is allegedly upset about the reunion.

“No one approves of Kristen,” says the In Touch source. “She wormed her way back into his life by inundating him with phone calls and texts [and] writing him love letters begging for another chance.”


It’s amazing how the tabloids continue to sensationalize every possible angle of the Stewart-Pattinson saga for drama, rather than just letting events play out on their own.

Sometimes their reunion is explained as a conspiracy by everyone around the duo to promote Breaking Dawn – Part 2, while in other tab accounts it’s supposedly against everyone’s wishes.

In some stories she’s driving him away with her supposed neediness, while in others he’s allegedly given her a marriage ultimatum.

The only “second thoughts” here are the contradictions in the avalanche of speculative magazine pieces about Stewart and Pattinson once the pair was spotted spending time together again in recent weeks.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the newest In Touch version of events is “as inaccurate as the last dozen.”

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