Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer’s Night Out Still Being Misrepresented

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By Daniel Gates



There still seem to be rampant rumors about Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer after their platonic, group outing last weekend. Not surprisingly, Perez Hilton and several British outlets are leading the charge.

As Gossip Cop reported, Pattinson and Roemer spent time – with other people – at La Poubelle and Soho House on Saturday. Even though there was absolutely no indication of anything romantic between Pattinson and Roemer, many commenters (on our site and elsewhere) still seem frustrated by the lack of an official denial, and are using it to depict Saturday as a some kind of betrayal of Kristen Stewart.

The reason the reps are not commenting is straightforward: There is nothing on which to comment. On similar occasions in the past, when Stewart or Pattinson have been accused of straying (without there being any evidence), their representatives also declined to dignify the rumors. That’s the case here, too.

Pattinson’s rep is not commenting on his platonic meeting with Hollywood friends because, if he did, he’d have to comment every time Pattinson leaves his house without Stewart. Meanwhile, a source close to Roemer is confounded by the uproar, telling Gossip Cop simply, “A group of friends went out.”

Other sources at the venues confirm to Gossip Cop that they saw nothing physical, flirty or otherwise romantic between Pattinson and Roemer. We anxiously await whatever details/evidence/imaginings Perez and the other rumor mongers manage to produce.

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