CLAIM: Robert Pattinson “Pleads” with “Confused and Angry” Kristen Stewart

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By Daniel Gates


We’ll give OK! magazine credit for one thing: The tabloid knows how to milk a rumor. “It was the canoodle felt round the world,” opens the tabloid’s cover story. “On Dec. 3 Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson left L.A.’s La Poubelle restaurant with actress Sarah Roemer, then squeezed into the backseat of a waiting car and stroked her hand – this with Rob’s on-and-off-screen love, Kristen Stewart, 5,000 miles away in England.”

Ah, yes, the infamous “canoodle”… that never happened. Is OK! really using this debunked, non-event for the basis of a splashy story all about Pattinson begging a “confused and angry” Stewart not to leave him? Oh, good grief.

“Rob’s one of the world’s biggest heartthrobs, and Kristen’s never been able to relax the whole time she’s been with him,” a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid. “This was, like, her worst fear realized.” We’d love to hear more from the tabloid’s “insider.”

“Rob’s in total panic mode at the thought of losing Kristen,” adds the OK! source, explaining that he’s “virtually groveling on bent knee.” To prove his love, Pattinson is supposedly designing a diamond ring for Stewart for Christmas. Alas, according to OK!, “the Sarah flap is only the latest bump of a rocky period in Robstenland.” Do tell!

Well, the fact that Stewart and Pattinson “have often been continents apart” means they’ve allegedly faced constant “temptation.” For Pattinson, that’s included getting “uncomfortably close” with onetime co-star Emilie de Ravin, while Stewart’s supposedly lavished attention on colleagues like Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Lautner. In fact, a Stewart “friend” suggests that “Rob may have played up the Sarah incident just to keep her jealous.” Wait a minute. So in OK!‘s twisted logic, Pattinson is both playing up AND playing down the alleged Roemer “canoodle”? He’s supposedly trying to make Stewart jealous AND at ease?

What’s more likely is that OK! magazine still has absolutely no clue what goes on between Stewart and Pattinson. If it’s not Roemer and de Ravin and Hedlund and Lautner causing problems for the couple, it’s supposedly Sarah Gadon or maybe Chris Hemsworth. Really, whoever’s closest at the moment. Sources close to the couple tell us Stewart and Pattinson are as happy as ever, and laugh off OK!‘s latest attempt to be relevant.

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