Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer: The Truth About Their Night Out

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By Daniel Gates


Robert Pattinson and actress Sarah Roemer – along with a couple of producers – hung out together in Los Angeles this weekend. They spent time at La Poubelle and Soho House, taking a car (with the others) between the two spots. Paparazzi snapped photos of the two stars sitting next to each other. That is what happened.

But the gossip mill has turned their night out (with other people) into a frenzy of speculation and wild rumors, all pointing to Pattinson allegedly betraying Kristen Stewart with Roemer. There’s absolutely no basis for a “hooking up” story angle, other than the assumption that it will stir controversy. There are no pictures of any affection between Pattinson and Roemer. There are no credible eyewitness accounts of Pattinson and Roemer pairing off at any point.

Buzz about the two stars getting cozy with each other has come entirely from blog commenters, and has not been corroborated by anyone at the venue. Not a single source has verified to Gossip Cop that anything even bordering on romantic occurred between Pattinson and Roemer. Pattinson made no attempt to hide his face out of supposed “guilt” or pretend like he and Roemer weren’t sharing a car, a standard tactic for a celebrity of his magnitude and experience.

If anything, it all sounds awfully similar to a litany of previous “nights out” that were trumped up by bored, reckless webloids – such as reports of Stewart having supposed rendezvouses with male pals like Tom Sturridge and Garrett Hedlund. Those were based on nothing, and this Pattinson-Roemer meet-up is just as scandal-free. Gossip Cop is continuing to reach out to friends and associates to get more details about their platonic night out with pals.

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