Robert Pattinson Sad Because Of Fake Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Reunion?

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By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

“A somber-looking Robert Pattinson was spotted at LAX Tuesday night following (false) rumors that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart had a possible rendezvous with her former flame, Rupert Sanders,” claims the New York Post.

We can already tell this story is going to make no sense.

The outlet explains, “Pattinson was away in New York City when speculation swirled that the On The Road actress hopped into a vehicle driven by a man with a strong resemblance to the Snow White and the Huntsman director over the weekend.”

Yeah, except that “speculation,” invented by the amateurs over at HollywoodLife and carelessly picked up by places like the Post, was 100 percent false. And the Post is even admitting it’s false — and just doesn’t care, because it has a ridiculous theory for why Pattinson was in an allegedly “dour mood” as he walked through the airport.

“Although it emerged that it was not Sanders in the car, perhaps the incident reopened RPatz’s old wounds,” speculates the newspaper. What?! Wait a minute. Pattinson is allegedly upset because clueless sites pretended Stewart and Sanders were spotted together? And even though there was never any real reunion, the “incident” opened old “wounds”?

This is as desperate and dumb as a story can get. Maybe Pattinson was “somber-looking” because his name keeps popping up in sensationalistic reports that are designed to create scandal out of thin air.

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