Robert Pattinson “Slowing Down” Riley Keough Relationship, Says Shameless Site

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By Daniel Gates


HollywoodLife’s latest exercise in manipulation has ended in predictably humiliating fashion. For a week, the webloid used a false rumor about Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough dating (they weren’t) to take cheap shots at Kristen Stewart and fabricate drama.

The bottom-feeding blog misled readers for the sake of sensationalism. And now HollywoodLife is trying to slither away from its mess. Why let ’em? This is a site that regularly claims to have “exclusives” about these stars, and it should be held accountable for its seemingly endless contradictions and failures.

“Robert Pattinson: Why He’s Slowing Down Riley Keough Relationship,” reads the site’s new headline. He’s not slowing it down — it never existed. “A source tells exclusively that Rob doesn’t want to have the same relationship with Riley that he had with Kristen,” reports the outlet. He doesn’t have a relationship with her.

HollywoodLife adds, “Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough haven’t been spotted together since June 29, when they were seen hanging out together in the actor’s pickup truck.” They were not seen hanging out together in the actor’s pickup truck. “[Rob and Riley] are still seeing each other, however, it’s mostly physical,” someone tells HollywoodLife. “Rob was a little scared off that this new relationship was going to be a media firestorm, so he has slowed things down, so mostly it’s a physical relationship.” Huh?

“They don’t consider it dating, but everyone around them does,” adds the HollywoodLife insider. “And I wouldn’t say they are in love, but they could easily get there. He is afraid that he will will (sic) get hurt or hurt her, so he is treading lightly because he does genuinely like her.” What on Earth is this person blathering about?

Here’s all anyone needs to know: HollywoodLife got duped by a rumor, doubled and then tripled down on it, refused to acknowledge reality, and is now trying to extricate itself with cowardly, half-baked excuses for its week-long flop. Please remember this the next time the site claims to have an “exclusive” about Robert Pattinson.

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