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Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough?

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By Daniel Gates


(New York Daily News)

Are Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough dating?

That’s what a number of outlets are speculating after the two stars were supposedly spotted together in the actor’s vehicle over the weekend (see picture at right).

The New York Daily News, for instance, tries to stir trouble by writing, “Keough isn’t just the apparent new apple of the British actor’s eye, she is also a close pal of [his ex Kristen] Stewart’s.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail insists they’ve “confirmed” that Pattinson and Keough are a new couple.

It’s NOT the case.

First of all, that is NOT Keough in Pattinson’s car, Gossip Cop confirms.

And more importantly — the two stars are NOT getting romantic.

Keough’s rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that it’s absolutely “not true” that they’re dating.

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