CLAIM: Robert Pattinson Forcing Kristen Stewart to Chase Him, Wants “Upper Hand”

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By Daniel Gates


Earlier this month, Life & Style ran a cover story wrongly reporting that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were in the midst of planning a “secret wedding.”

Gossip Cop pointed out that it was just the latest example of the tabloid swinging from one sensational extreme to the other with regard to the Twilight stars, as the same publication had falsely claimed Stewart made Pattinson “uncomfortable” and “embarrassed” just two weeks earlier.

Well, Life & Style is still trying to manufacture a Stewart-Pattinson angle, and its latest attempt is particularly silly. The magazine now says that Pattinson is essentially playing mind games with Stewart, and that he’s trying to send a message that their reconciliation will be on his terms, and that he has “the upper hand.”

“Rob is calling the shots. He’s in control now,” explains a so-called “friend.” How so? Life & Style claims Pattinson is making Stewart jump through hoops in order to get their romance back on track. The tab’s source says, “She’s the one chasing him. Rob is making her work for it.” Pattinson is described in the article as “standoffish” and determined to seem less than eager about reuniting with Stewart. Referring to his recent nights out with friends, a Life & Style source claims the actor is “dangling these girls in front of Kristen to play hard to get.” A random “relationship expert” with no ties to Pattinson tells the magazine, “Rob might be doing this for validation, to prove he’s still attractive and to heal those wounds.” Uh-huh.

Here’s what’s really happening: Outlets are freaking out over the lack of legitimate scandal with Stewart and Pattinson. Rather than stick to the facts with the pair, the rumor mill is going berserk with bogus speculation — they’re moving to England!… she’s “secretly hooking up” with Justin Theroux!… they’re reunited but “miserable”!… and so on. Enough already. Setting up a narrative in which Pattinson is allegedly toying with Stewart and making things as hard as possible for her is just the latest bit of tabloid tripe. A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop the Life & Style story is completely “not true” and “insulting.”

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