Magazine: Robert Pattinson “Obsessed” with Kristen Stewart, Can’t Let Her Go

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By Daniel Gates

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Robert Pattinson is “obsessed” with Kristen Stewart, telling friends how he “desperately misses her,” claims OK! “He seems obsessed with her,” a friend tells the magazine. “He thinks about Kristen all the time. Sometimes he starts to send a text, then changes his mind. It seems Rob can’t let Kristen go.”

Let’s pause here for a moment. Whenever an outlet begins speculating about the psychology of a famous person — something which can never be proven either way — it makes sense to look at the context. OK! has as laughable a track record with Pattinson and Stewart as any major weekly tabloid.

Even more remarkably, in May, it was OK! that claimed Pattinson had “bolted” from Stewart because her “demands” supposedly drove him away. Last week, OK! bizarrely implied that Stewart was a drunk on the verge of a meltdown. NEITHER of these previous (false) allegations makes its way into the new OK! story, because every week the tab re-writes the narrative. Instead, this week we’re given a scenario in which Pattinson was supposedly driving around with Riley Keough partly because she is a “Kristen look-alike.” Earth to OK!: It was not Keough. Try to keep up.

The magazine talks to a random therapist who speculates, “Rob is young. He’s had one major relationship in his life. It was with Kristen. His maturity level is still that of a teenager. That’s why he gravitates back to what he knows.” Very enlightening. In fact, the only eye-opening specific OK! provides is that Pattinson supposedly “placed an emotional June 27 call to Kristen’s cell” because he couldn’t stand not being in touch with her any longer. “He needed to hear her voice again,” says a so-called “pal,” who tells the tabloid that Stewart and Pattinson “spoke for 42 minutes,” and “Rob came close to suggesting they meet.”

Wait. Was this the same Pattinson friend who wrongly told OK! he and Stewart were about to elope in March? Or was it the source who falsely told OK! Pattinson proposed to Stewart on the set of Eclipse back in 2010? Because if OK! EVER in a million years had access to someone who would know the exact length down to the minute of an alleged personal, emotional phone call between two of Hollywood’s most private stars… well, maybe the magazine wouldn’t have gotten dozens of stories about the couple wrong.

No one in the world knows how Pattinson and Stewart truly feel (besides the two of them), and it should be beneath any outlet to pretend. But it’s especially galling to read snarky and ill-informed speculation about how Pattinson misses Stewart’s “sullen pout” when it’s being published by a magazine that’s played almost every contradictory angle there is when it comes to the former couple. This latest report should be dismissed just like the majority of recent OK! articles on the Twilight stars.

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