HollywoodLife Weasels Out of FAKE Robert Pattinson Story

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By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson: Splitting With Riley Keough Shows Respect For Kristen Stewart,” reads the latest headline from HollywoodLife, which is feebly attempting to dig itself out of a hole after MAKING UP a TOTALLY FABRICATED LIE about Pattinson dating Keough.

Gossip Cop has been saying since Day 1 that a relationship between the two stars NEVER HAPPENED, yet HollywoodLies willfully and shamelessly published BOGUS story after story, even claiming how “sad” Stewart was about the coupling.

In fact, we even predicted on July 3 that the webloid would do a 180 and eventually say Keough and Pattinson were not dating. Of course, time (and reality) caught up with the unreliable blog, and HollywoodLife needed to retreat, and so its editor-in-chief Bonnie Fuller MANUFACTURED an entirely ludicrous post in which she praises Pattinson for breaking up with Keough. REMINDER: Pattinson and Keough NEVER dated.

And if they had dated, HollywoodLife would have bought a paparazzi photo of the two together. But since they never were a couple or pictured together, the webloid had to take two separate photos (above) and publish them side-by-side to give the impression that they were together. In reality, those are two disparate images, taken in different places at different times, because Pattinson and Keough were never together.

In any case, facts be damned, the editor writes a long note to Pattinson himself (what?!) that “it probably never occurred to you that you might be crossing some invisible line that exists among women, and that dating Riley might be especially hurtful to [her pal and his ex, Stewart] versus you seeing someone who was completely out of your circle of friends.” “After all, you were the injured party and thus all ‘normal’ rules wouldn’t apply,” continues the ridiculous post from Fuller, who offers, “I have to admit that I’m in that camp. After the public heartbreak you endured, you’re entitled to date any single woman, in my opinion.”

Then, having reiterated that “you [Pattinson] were entitled to date Riley, even though she had been [Stewart’s] friend,” HollywoodLies has the audacity to claim an “insider” exclusively told the site that the actor broke it off with Keough because “he doesn’t want the image of him being that he is stealing [Stewart’s] friend.”

Enough! Enough! Enough! HollywoodLife CREATED A 100 percent FALSE REPORT, ostensibly just for hits, and now after being repeatedly and publicly humiliated by Gossip Cop’s accurate reporting, the site needed a way to weasel its way out of it. It’s simply the worst kind of journalism. HollywoodLife began its latest piece with how Pattinson “shows respect” for Stewart, but it’s time the blog show respect for real reporting and its readers.

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