Robert Pattinson Debuts New Haircut With Shaved Back And Landing Strip – PHOTO!

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Robert Pattinson New Haircut

By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson New Haircut

(Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson debuted his new haircut at the Go Go Campaign fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Thursday night, and it left more than a few wondering. The actor’s hair looked its usual tussled self from the front, but the back of his head was entirely shaved, except for one strip that could only be described as a mini-mohawk or a landing strip (photo below).

Pattinson, whose schedule is a little freer these days after the cancelation of Idol’s Eye, has given no explanation for the bizarre haircut. Many are speculating that his new artsy, singer girlfriend FKA Twigs, known for her sometimes outlandish looks and style, might have been behind the new do, which actually looks more like a don’t. Twigs, currently on a tour of North America, did not join the handsome actor at the charity event, which raises money for orphans and children at-risk throughout the world. The Go Campaign helps kids with a variety of needs, including medical assistance, education, as well as fights for children’s human rights.

Prior to the unveiling of Pattinson’s highly unique haircut, he kept his new hairstyle under wraps by wearing baseball caps and beanies while out-and-about with Twigs. The Mirror shared a picture of the actor, along with phrase, “What has happened to Robert Pattinson’s hair?” Check out the photo below and tell us what you think of Pattinson’s new cut.

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