Robert Pattinson “Sexy Blonde” Encounter In Australia Is More Blog Sensationalism

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By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson and Alexandra Warner


Things are beyond desperate over at HollywoodLife. The webloid’s scandal scavengers have repeatedly struck out trying to make “news” about Robert Pattinson in recent weeks. There was the bizarre claim he and Kristen Stewart would be ripped apart by the Academy Awards, the fabricated tale about Pattinson and Stewart moving to Paris, and now a string of redundant, baseless stories about Stewart and Pattinson being in a “trial separation,” as he films in Australia.

On Sunday, HollywoodLife continued its breathless reporting from an alternate reality. The site posted the headline, “Robert Pattinson Hangs With Sexy Blonde At Music Festival In Australia,” accompanied by a photograph of the actor standing next to a so-called “mystery” woman.

HollywoodLife’s intent is to portray Pattinson’s attendance at the Big Day Out music festival in Adelaide on January 25 as some kind of salacious meet-up. In fact, it’s just a casual, friendly fan encounter, and there’s no “mystery” about the blonde. Her name is Alexandra Warner, and she posted the photo (above) on Twitter on Friday, along with the jokey message, “Casually having dinner with Robert Pattinson :).” That’s the entire “story.”

Of course, HollywoodLife is the same outlet that falsely identified model-actress Dree Hemingway as a “mystery blonde” hanging out with Pattinson at a New York venue back last October. The site was forced to pull its bogus story after Hemingway herself called out the embarrassing goof. These are the types of things that happen when a blog spends its time trying to inflate non-stories into scandals rather than actually getting the facts. The real “mystery” is how HollywoodLife expects to get away with it.

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