MAG: Robert Pattinson “Sinks Fangs Into” Kristen Stewart, Using Carey Mulligan

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(National Enquirer)

By Daniel Gates

(National Enquirer)

Here comes another Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart doozy from the National Enquirer, which declares, “R-Pattz Sinks Fangs Into K-Stew!” The tabloid, which wrongly claimed Pattinson was Leonardo DiCaprio’s new partying pal and falsely alleged that Stewart was physically “attacked” by Twilight fans, is now trying to bolster the tired tale that their reunion was “ordered by slavemasters (aka movie moguls) to promote their flick.” According to the Enquirer, a new “tidbit tattled by a pal of both doesn’t bode well for romance.”

“Rob just told Kristen he’s signed for a flick with hot Brit actress Carey Mulligan, knowing it would trigger a jealous streak generated by Rob’s constant raves about Carey back when she was dating one of his pals,” claims the outlet. The Enquirer says Pattinson was “tweaking his maybe-love’s green monster” when he supposedly asked her, “Can you believe I’ll be playing Carey Mulligan’s lover?”

Yeah… that’s a natural-sounding “quote.” Pattinson then allegedly “twisted the knife,” says the mag, and taunted Stewart, “Why are you pouting? You’re not jealous of Carey, are you?” The tab says the actor may have capped his psychological assault by pointing out Mulligan’s married status, supposedly as a way of hinting at Stewart’s indiscretion with Rupert Sanders. Uh-huh.

Let’s return to reality. This conversation never happened. Beyond the painfully stilted language of the bogus conversation, there’s the simple fact that the Enquirer’s “sources” with Stewart and Pattinson might be charitably described as uninformed. It’s true that Pattinson and Mulligan are set to work together on an upcoming project, but the only bearing that has on Pattinson and Stewart is that the Enquirer is stuck trying to defend a narrative in which the Twilight stars hate each other and have been forced to reunite against their will. That’s a bogus story, and so is this latest item.A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer report is “silly and insulting.”

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