Robert Pattinson Pranked Kristen Stewart with Lie Detector Test?

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(The Sun)

By Daniel Gates

(The Sun)

Robert Pattinson tricked Kristen Stewart into thinking he was going to force her to take a lie-detector test, according to a completely made-up story in The Sun that was picked up by HollywoodLife and other lazy outlets.

According to the report, the actor decided to play a “prank” on Stewart after “pictures surfaced last week of her getting into a car with a man” who was “the doppelganger of film director Rupert Sanders,” with whom she had an indiscretion last summer. “He decided to mock up an appointment message from a local lie detector specialist, and suggested Kristen attend the session to prove she was telling the truth about the meeting,” claims The Sun. This never happened.

Just like Pattinson and Stewart never moved to England together (despite a false Sun story). Nor is Pattinson smoking electronic cigarettes to make Leonardo DiCaprio happy — another gem of a gaffe from the newspaper. The Sun has been guilty of twisting quotes by Stewart, fabricating a breakup between her and Pattinson, falsely speculating about his contact with Liberty Ross, and generally being clueless when it comes to the couple. This is, after all, an outlet that doesn’t know who Tom Sturridge is.

So it’s no great surprise that The Sun would happily listen to the “sources” behind this phony lie detector story, nor is it a great shock that the bottom feeders at HollywoodLife would gobble up the refuse after misleading its readers into thinking the April “reunion” between Stewart and Sanders actually happened. There was no prank on Stewart. But The Sun and HollywoodLife consistently flunk the truth test on both sides of the Atlantic.

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