Robert Pattinson: “I Might Be Done With Los Angeles”

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Robert Pattinson Leaving LA

By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson Leaving LA

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Robert Pattinson might be leaving Los Angeles.

The actor, who sold his $6.4 million mansion near the Hollywood sign last year, tells The Independent, “The house was so amazing. I wasn’t really thinking when I got it. I was just living in LA and had been living in and out of hotels, and you have money for the first time.”

Pattinson says, “If you are the kind of person who needs to be pushed into doing something, then Hollywood is not the right place, so I think I might be done with Los Angeles.”

“I’ve just realized that in the past few weeks,” he adds. “I think I need to spend more time in London, or just move around a bit more,” explains Pattinson. “I’ve been in LA for six or seven years or something and it’s weird. The more you stay there, especially as an actor, the more you think you need to be there, that you’ll be missing out on something by leaving, but you are not really.”

He continues, “It’s a fun city, though, but you are permanently on holiday there. I feel like I’ve been on holiday there since I was 22.”

Pattinson is currently starring in smaller independent fare like The Rover and Maps to the Stars, and the onetime Twilight star tells The Independent, “In the last two years, I’ve just done stuff just for the director and not really thought that much about the script. Now I’m swinging it back a little bit, trying to get a medium between the two.”

He explains, “After working with [director David] Cronenberg it just opened stuff up. People sort of approach you in a different way. I think also when it got into Cannes as well. Now I’ve done a few other things and it kind of works on a bit of a roll, working with auteur-y guys.”

The famously self-deprecating Pattinson still has a little trouble with the fame aspect of his career. “I self-obsess a lot. When I’m doing interviews I’m always waiting for some stupid remark to come out,” he explains.

Pattinson goes on to say, “I try to avoid getting into any subject where I’m locked into something. It’s not like I’m a politician or something. I used to be so dumb in interviews, I used to try and make jokes all the time and everyone is thinking, ‘This guy is a moron, he’s just been saying dumb stuff for years and years.’”

He seems to be very happy with how his career has changed. “It’s quite nice doing small parts,” says Pattinson. “Then the film isn’t totally reliant on what I do in it, so I get to work with who I want to work with and it’s not my fault if it doesn’t make any money.”

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