Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart “Big Wedding!” Announced By Magazine

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By Daniel Gates


Are you ready for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s “Big Wedding”? OK!, which has absolutely no clue when it comes to the Twilight stars — we mean, none — sure is! The unintentionally hilarious tabloid, which in recent weeks wrongly called Stewart a serial cheater and falsely suggested Pattinson was forcing her to take lie-detector tests, now says the couple is (surprise!) “scouting locations” for a “real-life wedding.” According to the outlet, Stewart and Pattinson “are set to make it permanent — and legal.”

“They’re split between doing it in England or somewhere totally remote and tropical,” a so-called “insider” tells OK! The magazine then delves into the predictable speculation about Stewart’s wedding gown and ring, the music, the guest list, and the honeymoon options. Oh, and there’s the requisite pregnancy talk, too. “They think it will set the seal on their reconciliation,” explains a “friend” to the tabloid. “While marriage is definitely in their plans, both are beginning to think a baby comes first!” Uh-huh.

Here’s a question: Why should anyone believe OK!’s reporting about Pattinson-Stewart “wedding plans” now when the tabloid’s past is littered with bogus versions of the same story? The tabloid was running bait-and-switch “wedding” rumors about the couple back in 2009. OK! did it again in 2010, and as recently as last June. The mag had no inside information at any of these points, or for the dozens of other false stories it’s published about Stewart and Pattinson in the last few years.

Gossip Cop has proven OK! wrong time and time again — and we’re still wondering where the couple’s supposed two-year-old child (according to the tab) is these days. In any case, the couple is NOT actively planning to tie the knot. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the OK! cover story is “fantasy and nothing more.”

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