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HollywoodLife Ruins Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Evening

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By Daniel Gates


We’re starting to get a headache from all the facepalms that come with reading HollywoodLife.

Even in a mostly nice item about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the site manages to come off as both uninformed and mean-spirited.

As widely reported, the couple dined with friends in Los Angeles over the weekend, laughing and having a good time.

Pattinson “couldn’t bare [sic] to leave her side all night,” according to the HollywoodLife item.

OK. So far, so good.

But HollywoodLife probably should have quit while it was ahead.

Instead, it fishes around in the bottom of the barrel and pulls out the ridiculous, debunked premise that Pattinson’s pal Tom Sturridge is vying for Stewart’s romantic attention.

“Rob and Tom didn’t talk much all night,” a so-called “source” tells HollywoodLife. “By looking at them, you wouldn’t have known that they are best friends.”

According to the site’s supposed spy, Pattinson was affectionate with Stewart because he wanted to “show everyone,” including Sturridge, “that Kristen is his.”


For the thousandth time: There is no love triangle brewing among Pattinson, Stewart and Sturridge.

Pattinson was close with Stewart because — though it’s hard for some sites to fathom — they like each other.

Ah, but HollywoodLife isn’t satisfied merely suggesting that Pattinson is “wary” of Sturridge.

It also has to return to the ugly assertion that Stewart is typically a humorless grouch.

“Rob’s affection didn’t bother Kristen, who another source says was having fun and enjoying the time and attention,” continues the site.

“Sounds like Rob is the only one who can turn Kristen’s permanent frown upside down. FINALLY!”

Maybe HollywoodLife could “FINALLY” end these continuing attacks on Stewart.

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