Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Thanksgiving Rumor Embarrasses Blog

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By Daniel Gates

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Earlier this week, HollywoodLife told everyone that Kristen Stewart was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Robert Pattinson.

On Tuesday, when the holiday (and a reality check) were safely 48 hours away, the clueless webloid excitedly wrote, “Kristen is going to be busy in the kitchen this Thanksgiving as she prepares a delicious, homemade meal with traditional English dishes for Rob and her family and friends, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.”

“Kristen knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so she’s going all out for Rob this Thanksgiving!” declared HollywoodLife, pretending it hasn’t lied repeatedly about the stars. Oh, and the blog even had (alleged) details! A so-called “friend” told the outlet, “Kristen is making four different kinds of desserts with her mom for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin cream cheese pie, peach crumble and two desserts specifically for Rob — jam rolly-polly pudding with homemade custard and traditional British sherry trifle.” Sounds delicious!

“She is also making a few dishes that Rob grew up with like Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower cheese and roasted parsnip,” the purported insider told HollywoodLife. ”Kristen wants to really impress Rob and make him feel at home. She’s really putting her all into this dinner.” How very specific! This source knows about everything from the roasted parsnip to the British sherry trifle, so obviously, HollywoodLife must have someone who’s in the know, right?

HAHAHAHA. Of course not! This is HollywoodLife! So why are we NOT surprised to see a follow-up post on Friday in which the site suddenly has no idea whether Stewart and Pattinson were together on Thanksgiving. HollywoodLife points to invasive paparazzi pictures of the actress walking around her California neighborhood with a friend, noting, “Rob was not with her.” At this point, the site begins to flail about frantically. “So with K-Stew roaming the city without Rob, does this mean that their romantic holiday feast was put on hold? Not exactly,” says the webloid. “They may have just made a point to not be seen in public together, and these pictures may have just captured Kristen on her way to buy some cream cheese for Rob’s pumpkin pie!”

To show just how little HollywoodLife actually knows, the site put up a poll, asking visitors to answer the question, “Do YOU think Rob and Kristen saw each other on Thanksgiving?” A clear majority answered “No”… because even HollywoodLife’s own regular visitors have come to expect false reporting from the site. That “friend” who purportedly knew the entire Stewart-Pattinson Thanksgiving menu on Tuesday — yeah, it turns out he or she was blindfolded and guessing. That’s all HollywoodLife does with any story involving either Stewart or Pattinson these days — pure speculation based on absolutely nothing. The reason the paparazzi didn’t capture shots of the Twilight stars together on Thanksgiving is because they weren’t together for the holiday.

HollywoodLife can keep doing its formulaic “Kristen Did [Blank] — Was It For Rob?” and “Rob Said [Blank] — Was It For Kristen?” routine, but everyone should understand that it’s the desperate tactic of a facts-poor blog that knows nothing about what it “reports.”

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