Site Now Thinks Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Swingers

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By Daniel Gates


HollywoodLife is moving full steam ahead in its relentless campaign to post as many patently ridiculous stories as possible about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The webloid’s latest stab at relevance is to suggest that Pattinson’s Coachella wardrobe signals an “open relationship” with Stewart.

Pattinson wore an “Avalon Swingers” t-shirt, prompting HollywoodLife to say it seems the “notoriously private” actor is “open for anything — and anyone!”

The reality-challenged blog asks, “Are Rob and [Kristen] trying to spice things up in the bedroom by adding in a guest star?”

So HollywoodLife is now speculating that Stewart and Pattinson are swingers.

Our heads hurt.


It’s come to this?

HollywoodLife has always been clueless about Stewart and Pattinson, of course, but the site may have just reached a new level of jaw-dropping absurdity.

What’s next?

If Pattinson wears a Rolling Stones t-shirt next week, will HollywoodLife breathlessly write that he’s joined the band?

If he carries an umbrella on set, will the site declare he’s “hinting” at a secret tryst with Rihanna?

Does HollywoodLife really not understand that wearing a t-shirt is different than a lifestyle announcement?

Instead of trying to “spice up” speculation about Stewart and Pattinson’s private lives, the site should stick to what it does well.

(When we think of what that is, we’ll let you know.)

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