CLAIM: Kristen Stewart’s Success Could Cause Robert Pattinson Split

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By Daniel Gates


We don’t mean to pick on HollywoodLife. Really. But when the webloid insists on pumping the Internet full of sensational claptrap that bears no resemblance to reality, Gossip Cop has to bust the site.

A number of readers sent us HollywoodLife’s latest take on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, whom the lame blog considers America’s Favorite Swingers — when they aren’t supposedly being kept apart contractually. In any case, the premise of HollywoodLife’s new masterpiece is that Stewart’s success (with the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman) somehow threatens her relationship with Pattinson, who’s been “pulling back and focusing on indies.”

The headline reads, “Kristen Stewart’s Success Could Cause Robert Pattinson Split, Expert Says.” What this “expert” actually says, however, is that if Stewart and Pattinson have perspective and self-worth, they’ll be fine. “Many men feel emasculated by a woman’s success, and begin resenting her for her accomplishments,” explains the HollywoodLife “expert,” speaking in vague generalities about gender roles. The “expert” continues, “Rob and Kristin’s relationship will not only survive, but flourish, if he stays grounded in his true value, and remembers that he is so much more than the blockbuster hits he makes or the salary he earns.” OK.

“If he makes the mistake of defining himself by outer criteria, the relationship will suffer,” argues the “expert.” “But if he can be both emotionally supportive and genuinely happy for Kristin’s success and her moment in the spotlight, then the relationship will thrive.” Gotcha.

In other words, if Pattinson and Stewart love and support and respect each other, their mutual success won’t be a problem. Fantastic. So the alarmist headline about Kristen Stewart’s success destroying her relationship is basically based on willfully ignoring the important part of what HollywoodLife’s own “expert” told the site. Sigh.

Back in reality, Stewart and Pattinson are both movie stars, they’ve been together as both of their careers skyrocketed, there’s absolutely no reason to believe Pattinson would be anything but thrilled for Stewart should Snow White be huge, and HollywoodLife remains a leading source for empty and misleading stories.

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