Star Mag Uses Sarah Roemer for Latest Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Slam

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By Daniel Gates



Well, the tabloids have seized on last Saturday’s Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer Los Angeles non-date and blown it completely out of proportion. Shocking!

According to Star magazine, which spent last month trying to convince everyone that Pattinson hooked up with Ashley Greene and was “on the verge” of splitting with Kristen Stewart, it was actually his alleged “PDA-filled night” with Roemer that has brought him and Stewart to “the breaking point.” Star pretends to have the scoop on Pattinson’s evening at La Poubelle.

“He was really affectionate, putting his arm around [Roemer] and touching her leg,” claims a so-called “eyewitness” for the magazine. Those details are bogus, of course. As Gossip Cop has reported, Pattinson and Roemer were part of a larger group, and their interaction was completely platonic.

The tabloid knows this, which is why it drops Roemer entirely halfway through the story, instead focusing on how Pattinson and Stewart’s romance has supposedly fizzled. “Kristen stresses Rob out. She’s difficult, diva-ish and demanding. The real reason he and Kristen are keeping mum about their romance is that there is no romance anymore,” claims a “friend,” adding, “The passion between them ended months ago.” This is classic, no-win tab logic.

When Pattinson and Stewart acknowledge that they’re a couple, it’s either a bombshell revelation or a cover-up, depending on what the “story” is that week. If Pattinson and Stewart co-piloted a propeller plane trailing a banner proclaiming their love, Star would claim that was an indication things had gotten rocky.

Just like the mag has abandoned last month’s allegations of a Pattinson-Greene coupling, soon it will find a new woman to replace Roemer in the Pattinson rumor mill. As is often the case, time and reality will prove Star wrong. Sources close to Pattinson and Stewart tell Gossip Cop everything is fine between them.

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