MAG: Kristen Stewart Wants to See Sex Therapist with Robert Pattinson

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart wants to go to a sex therapist with Robert Pattinson, reports OK! magazine.

The tabloid, last seen wrongly claiming that Stewart was still texting Rupert Sanders, apparently hopes readers will forget that its previous coverage of her private life with Pattinson includes falsely alleging that she was pregnant back in 2010. (If anyone has seen the Twilight stars’ “child,” please let us know!)

In any case, OK! now says “the reunion is on” for Pattinson and Stewart, and that she is “working to get the spark back in their love life — and believes a sex therapist may be the answer to all of their problems.”

“She loves Rob and can’t live without him, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any issues,” explains a tab “insider.” The OK! source elaborates, “They were having a major disconnect in the bedroom when she cheated on him… and that hasn’t been fixed. If anything, it’s worse, because Rob is still so angry at her.”

“He wants to be with her, but he hasn’t totally forgiven her, which is making it difficult for them to connect,” the mag’s “insider” is quoted as saying. Uh-huh.

We know tabloids are completely obsessed at the moment with running every possible story involving Pattinson, Stewart and sex — but this is absurd. The same outlet that fabricated a wedding for Stewart and Pattinson last spring does not suddenly have inside information about them going to sex therapy. It’s just more sensationalized speculation that tabloids feel emboldened to spread because they know Stewart and Pattinson won’t address the rumor.

But Gossip Cop will. A source close to Stewart tells us it’s “preposterous” that she’s been trying to set up a sex therapist for her and Pattinson, adding that continued magazine speculation about Stewart’s sex life is in line with most of what’s written about the rest of her life — “b.s.”

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