Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have “Raunchy Sex” 7 Times A Day: Tabloid

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By Daniel Gates


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s wild bedroom antics are enough to make a vampire blush,” a so-called “insider” tells Star. Oh?

According to the tabloid, “The Twilight Saga duo love raunchy sex — sometimes as much as seven times a day!” “Kristen knows exactly how to please Rob,” a “pal” tells Star. “They have a very active sex life and like handcuffs, blindfolds and feathers.” Wow! “They regularly buy stuff, anything from costumes to DVDs, from The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood,” adds the Star insider.

Boy, the magazine’s source sure claims to know a lot of specifics about the sex life of two extremely private people. That’s amazing. We wonder if this same “insider” was the person who fed Star a series of embarrassingly wrong stories about Stewart and Pattinson in recent months?

Because if the magazine’s track record is any indication, its sources have absolutely NO CLUE what’s going on in public with the couple, let alone how many times a day they’re having sex behind closed doors. It’s also interesting how two of the most photographed people in the world aren’t ever photographed coming in and out of the sex shop Star mentions. It’s this type of sensationalism over substance that’s left Star’s credibility badly bruised.

Star does not know Stewart and Pattinson’s “bedroom secrets” (as the tab claims), and because both Twilight stars are too discreet to address absurdities like this article directly, the mag feels free to print it. Whether or not the couple uses “blindfolds” in their private life, Star remains in the dark.

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