Site’s Phony Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “Trial Separation” Story Implodes

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By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart


HollywoodLife fabricated “trial separation” for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has imploded, just as Gossip Cop predicted. Lacking inside information or shame, Jay Penske’s webloid spent the last two months trying to prop up a fake narrative in which Pattinson’s professional decision to shoot The Rover in Australia was twisted into a personal change in his relationship with Stewart.

The site falsely claimed that Pattinson “cut” contact with his girlfriend, spread misinformation about Stewart and her new co-star Jim Sturgess having “chemistry” that could lead to something more, wrongly said that she considered herself “single” and suggested they’d be forced to reunite.

There was sensationalism about Pattinson allegedly ruining Stewart’s Oscars night, Stewart hooking up with a “mystery man” and too many blatant flip-flops to count. It was sad, really, watching HollywoodLies — er, HollywoodLife — try to cover up its previous misrepresentations with increasingly desperate “reports” that bore no resemblance to reality.

Through it all, Gossip Cop correctly said that nothing had changed between Pattinson and Stewart, and predicted that when Pattinson returned to California, he and Stewart would make HollywoodLife look foolish. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Because HollywoodLife is incapable of acknowledging its cluelessness, on Thursday the webloid produced a laughable post about how Stewart “won” Pattinson back after their supposed “trial separation.”

“I mean, Kristen played it really cool the last couple of months while Rob was away — she just took care of herself and wasn’t this needy girl begging for his attention,” a fake “insider” tells HollywoodLife so it can write its fake story. The phony source tells the site, “Rob has always admired her independent nature and it looks like its paid off. Kristen couldn’t be happier!” Uh-huh.

For the last time, here’s what took place: Robert Pattinson did a job in Australia for two months and came back. That’s it. That’s all that happened. HollywoodLife spent that time manufacturing contradictory stories and misinforming people. Maybe the site should go on a “trial separation” from the “sources” who have made it a complete laughingstock.

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