TAB: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart “Very Torn” As to Whether Continue Dating

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By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Kristen Stewart may have been all smiles when they posed together on the red carpet last week for the premiere of their second Twilight film,” begins a piece in the Express, which goes on to claim their “relations away from the cameras are less cosy.” Uh, “second Twilight film”?

Anyway, according to the tabloid’s article (see right), “Cracks have widened, and despite putting on a united front for the screaming Twi-hards, a source close to the pair tells [the story’s author], ‘They are doing a lot of soul-searching about their relationship – they’ve burnt each other out.'”

The piece goes on to say, “With Kristen away in Australia filming Snow White And The Hunstman and getting to know her new co-star Chris Hemsworth, Rob has been turning to the other woman in his life for comfort, his older sister Lizzy.” Uh, “away in Australia”?

Anyway, adds the bogus source for the Express, Pattinson and Stewart are “very torn as to whether to continue or not because of all the problems they have.” With possibly the exception of the subjects’ names, almost all the rest of the tab’s article is inaccurate, which is why we screen grabbed it to prove our points.

Incredibly, the British author of the piece somehow or another managed to not realize Snow White and the Huntsman has been shooting in the U.K., not Australia. And Breaking Dawn is the fourth — not second — film in the saga. Oops.

More importantly, “cracks” have not widened between Pattinson and Stewart. They have not “burnt each other out” nor are they “very torn as to whether to continue or not.” Quite the contrary. Gossip Cop is told through reliable sources that “they’re perfectly happy,” and have been “enjoying being together to promote the film.”

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