Robert Pattinson “Cuts” Contact With Kristen Stewart, Claims Webloid

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By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson


The serial fabricators at HollywoodLife are still flogging their phony Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “trial separation” story. According to the webloid’s “source,” Stewart is “desperate to get out to Australia [where Rob is currently filming The Rover] because she misses Rob. But he’s being ambivalent about the whole thing.” Oh?

“It seems like she’s going to fly out there, despite the fact that he has cut their communication down a lot,” adds the HollywoodLife source, noting, “He’s barely picking up her calls [or] responding to her messages.” This would be mildly dramatic if HollywoodLife’s Stewart and Pattinson sources had credibility. They do not. Or if HollywoodLife had added any evidence to its “trial separation” theory, other than just repeating it constantly.

No, instead the site wants its readers to believe it is familiar with Pattinson’s cell phone activity and Stewart’s travel plans, while carefully using the type of vague, meaningless language that leaves all possibilities open. As Gossip Cop has said before, no one close to Stewart or Pattinson is talking to HollywoodLife, because the site has earned a reputation as an outlet that will write anything to provoke a response. And so the webloid just flails about.

If Stewart visits Australia, HollywoodLife will portray it as a dramatic effort to rescue her relationship. If Stewart does not visit, the same site will claim it’s proof that the relationship needs rescuing. Nothing either Stewart or Pattinson does will ever make HollywoodLife leave them alone.

As for the new report, claiming there’s been a communication breakdown between the two Twilight stars, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop it’s simply not true.

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