CLAIM: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to “Fizzle” After Twilight

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By Daniel Gates


“Those close to Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fear the couple’s offscreen romance may fizzle now that filming is finished” on Breaking Dawn, writes OK! magazine in a clueless bit of speculation about the stars’ future together.

The tabloid’s headline – “Will Their Love Survive Twilight?” – is particularly ridiculous given that just two weeks ago the same publication claimed Pattinson and Stewart were set to marry. Now, because there is no engagement news, OK! is following the tabloid pattern of swinging toward the opposite extreme, without bothering to detour into reality.

Stewart and Pattinson have “pressed the proverbial mute button on any wedding bells,” claims the magazine, badly mixing metaphors as it tries to cover its own poor reporting from earlier this month. OK! also interprets the lack of “baby news” – also wrongly predicted by the tabloid – as proof that something’s amiss in the relationship.

A “source” for the mag also cites “the jealousy and insecurity that comes up when they’re on separate film sets” as a reason for concern. Plus, Stewart will have to (gasp!) promote Snow White and the Huntsman “with her sexy co-star Chris Hemsworth, whom she’s clearly fond of.”

More than anything, argues OK!, the end of the Twilight Saga is what spells doom for Stewart and Pattinson. “It can’t be denied that playing these fairy-tale lovers impacted them,” an “insider” tells the magazine. “They were both very connected to their characters’ larger-than-life passion and it really fueled the romance off-screen. That passion and obsessive quality between them has pretty much died.” Sadly, OK!‘s “passion” for sensationalism has always burned hotter than its attention to facts, logic or consistency.

Stewart and Pattinson have repeatedly been apart for stretches during their relationship, and they’ve been fine despite hundreds of tab articles claiming that their temporary geographic separation meant they were doomed. Gossip Cop is told once again that Stewart and Pattinson are perfectly happy, as they’ve been in the past, regardless of the Twilight timetable.

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