Robert Pattinson Ruined Kristen Stewart’s Oscars, Declares Webloid

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By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson


Scared to do actual journalism, HollywoodLife is feverishly constructing a bizarre narrative in which Robert Pattinson somehow wronged Kristen Stewart by having the audacity to work in Australia during the Oscars.

Jay Penske’s sloppy webloid has been misinforming readers for weeks about Pattinson and Stewart being on a trial separation, mixing blatant contradictions with grossly sensationalized stories about Pattinson being with a mystery blonde woman and Stewart having a mystery man of her own. For fun, HollywoodLife sometimes makes up reports about Stewart getting close with a new co-star or Pattinson having a secret lover. Now the site is attacking Pattinson for allegedly ruining Stewart’s Oscars.

It all started on Monday, when HollywoodLife declared that Stewart was “depressed” because Pattinson “didn’t call” her during the Academy Awards. According to the outlet, the actress was “on the verge of tears the whole night over Rob’s lack of support.” Of course, this is totally bogus speculation.

As Gossip Cop has demonstrated dozens of times, HollywoodLife doesn’t have credible “sources” for Stewart, and whichever phony “insiders” the site chooses to use are only there to feed whatever quotes (cough, cough) the webloid needs for any given situation. But that doesn’t matter to HollywoodLife as long as the blog can establish the new (temporary) narrative that Pattinson allegedly ignored Stewart on Oscar night. Because THEN HollywoodLife can run a series of b.s. reports, all based on the fabricated premise, getting more and more outraged over figments of its imagination.

On Tuesday, the webloid showed a random picture of Pattinson posing with a fan in Australia, but called it “troubling” given that he supposedly ignored Stewart over the weekend. “Robert Pattinson: With Other Girls While Kristen Stewart Waited For Him” declares the site’s embarrassing headline. (Of course, if Pattinson did not pose with fans, HollywoodLife would accuse him of being a “diva.”)

And then there was HollywoodLife scolding Pattinson in another headline: “You Majorly Owe Kristen Stewart A Phone Call.” “Robert, how could you not phone K.Stew and congratulate her on her stellar Oscar presenter appearance, especially after she attended the event on crutches?” asks the article with manufactured outrage.

Sigh. Once again: HollywoodLies has no idea when Stewart and Pattinson speak. The webloid doesn’t know when Stewart and Pattinson speak in America. The blog doesn’t know when they speak when they’re on different continents. The site doesn’t have any idea with whom Stewart spoke during the Oscars. The outlet seemingly does not have credible (or maybe any) sources. It has an active imagination, a high horse, phony anger, and little regard for accuracy. And when reality intrudes on HollywoodLife’s alternate dimension, it will pretend this series of stories never happened. Pathetic.

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Robert Pattinson ruined the Oscars for Kristen Stewart.

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