Site Slams Kristen Stewart, Hopes Robert Pattinson Dumps Her

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By Daniel Gates

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are once again the subjects of a “relationship on the rocks” report that manages to be as petty as it is wrong.

Heatworld starts with a magazine rumor that quotes a “source” who says the couple is “spending less and less time together and things seem to have become more distant between them.” The story more or less alleges that Stewart is too much of a homebody for Pattinson, and that his career is making it more difficult to stay with her.

Heatworld nods in agreement, observing that Pattinson (in L.A.) and Stewart “won’t be seeing much of each other for a while.” Of course, the couple is together – in Toronto – as Pattinson gears up for Cosmopolis. But Heatworld isn’t satisfied merely passing along bad reporting and hearsay.

No, the same outlet that once fabricated a Pattinson photograph prefers insults to information, and has a long history of trashing Stewart at every opportunity. Not surprisingly, the site slathers this new nonsense with typical snideness. Referring to Stewart as “the grumpy lady,” Heatworld wonders whether Pattinson “might be planning to chuck her, and come out partying with us.”

The site concludes by hedging its bets. “Of course the idea of Rob as a single man is pretty cool, but while Kristen might be a bit of a grump, they do seem pretty happy together,” admits Heatworld. Yeah, how frustrating. Those kids insist on being happy. Maybe Heatworld should just make a phony picture of Pattinson looking sad.

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