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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Stay Together For DVD Sales, Claims Site

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By Daniel Gates


The clueless fabricators at HollywoodLife are at it again.

Jay Penske’s amateurish blog has spent weeks telling everyone Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up.

HollywoodLife felt comfortable printing this false rumor because HollywoodLife will print just about anything — and then repeat it, over and over again, digging itself into a deep hole until the moment comes to contradict itself.

This is the life cycle of celebrity “news” on the site.

On Thursday, HollywoodLife announced that Pattinson and Stewart are “not breaking up.”

But instead of having the decency to admit that it made up the narrative in the first place, HollywoodLies — er, HollywoodLife — uses the opportunity to pretend it has special information.

The webloid insists that the couple is “being forced to pretend that all is okay until their Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVDs have been out for a few weeks!”

“Rob & Kristen were asked to not announce a break-up or any relationship trouble until the DVD has been out for a few weeks and everything has sold,” an insider tells HollywoodLife. “Since the first couple weeks are the times when the DVD will sell like wildfire. The more DVD’s sold, the more money for them. So they are abiding by the request.”

This is made up.

This is what happens when an outlet gets caught in a web of speculation and outright fabrication — it’s forced to make excuses for reality not matching the fiction its “sources” provide.

That’s why HollywoodLife keeps putting off the official “end date” for Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship with bogus stories about DVD sales and marketing.

Because the site KNOWS that when the couple is seen together after he finishes shooting The Rover in Australia, it will have to answer for weeks’ worth of b.s. rumor mongering.

An insider tells Gossip Cop that Stewart and Pattinson were never ordered to stay together, calling HollywoodLife’s report “a joke.”

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