CLAIM: “Clingy” Kristen Stewart Invading Robert Pattinson’s Space

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By Daniel Gates

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson


“While Kristen Stewart wants to take time off from work and spend all summer with on/off boyfriend Robert Pattinson, he’s not sure that he wants them to live in each other’s pockets,” reports RadarOnline, laying the groundwork for a new bogus narrative about the couple.

The outlet, which has a long and sad history of spreading false reports about Stewart and Pattinson, now claims that he “wants a little space” from her after returning from two months in Australia, where the actor shot The Rover.

While RadarOnline’s source notes that Pattinson and Stewart have been “inseparable” since his return, “he’s still very cautious when it comes to fully committing himself to her, and she’s been really clingy right now. He’s a little scared that Kristen could cheat on him again.” Wait. So according to the webloid’s insider, Pattinson is worried that Stewart will cheat and thinks she’s spending too much time with him? Beyond this trouble with basic logic, RadarOnline’s source also seems to think he or she can read Pattinson’s mind.

“Just when it looks like all is going swell, his crippling doubts come into play and he questions if he’s doing the right thing,” explains the site’s insider. Uh-huh. It’s funny, because Gossip Cop has “doubts” about an outlet that tends to stir things up in lieu of actual news. What’s most telling about the RadarOnline story is how all of the observable evidence the blog cites about the couple points to them being perfectly happy — for instance, RadarOnline mentions their celebratory outing to Ye Rustic Inn last week.

But by emphasizing Stewart’s alleged clinginess and planting a rumor about how Pattinson wants space from her, RadarOnline has set up a way for turning Pattinson’s next professional trip into some kind of relationship issue. There’s not a story here. Pattinson and Stewart were geographically separated, now they’re back together, and soon there’ll be a brief period of distance again. Places like RadarOnline and HollywoodLife can try to turn these facts of life into something sensational, but they’ll keep failing.

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