CLAIM: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “On The Verge Of A Split”

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By Daniel Gates

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As expected, with Breaking Dawn about to hit theaters, the gossip press is going into overdrive when it comes to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Life & Style speculates that their public display of affection is Stewart’s “desperate” bid to keep Pattinson. OK! insists they’re about to wed. Us Weekly claims Stewart and Pattinson endure a “tortured romance.” And Star, which is convinced Pattinson has hooked up with Ashley Greene, continues to bang the crisis drum this week, arguing that behind the scenes he and Stewart are “on the verge of a split!”

“Their relationship has always been hot and cold,” explains a so-called “insider” for the tabloid. “And right now it’s icy.” Stewart was allegedly “livid” after hearing about the (phony) “intimate dates” that Star says Pattinson and Greene shared, and “flew to London on a crisis mission” from her movie set in Wales.

According to the tab’s source, Stewart went to Pattinson’s apartment on October 31 and “ripped him apart for getting so close to Ashley.” While Pattinson is supposedly “used to Kristen being moody,” the Star insider suspects “it’s starting to get to him,” adding that if Stewart “doesn’t cool it with the jealousy, it could be the end.”

In other words, Star equates an unsubstantiated fight based on nonexistent envy over a bogus flirtation with being “on the verge of a split.” The fact that Pattinson and Stewart looked perfectly happy together a few days later means nothing to Star, because it’s all (allegedly) a front for their secret bickering over Greene.

In reality, though, things remain as they’ve been and as Gossip Cop has reported consistently. A source close to the couple tells us there’s absolutely no truth to talk of an imminent breakup or jealous fights.

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