Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Reflected Badly in The Mirror

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(The Mirror)

By Daniel Gates

(The Mirror)

Not to be outdone by The Sun, the folks over at The Mirror have come up with their own entry in the contest for “Most Clueless Interpretation of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s MTV Movie Awards Appearance.”

You’ll recall that while accepting the award for Best Kiss on Sunday night, Pattinson darted from the stage and into the audience, where he kissed Taylor Lautner. Anyone watching understood that it was a planned, cute moment designed to get a laugh. Well, we thought anyone watching understood that.

“As 7,000 fans watched in stunned disbelief Robert Pattinson snubbed Kristen Stewart and snogged her mate instead,” cries The Mirror. “Her male mate.” Wait. Pattinson “snubbed” her? The Mirror is taking this seriously? Wow, does it ever.

Stewart was allegedly so furious and shocked when Pattinson kissed Lautner instead of her, she “tore a strip off the vampire heart-throb” backstage, yelling, “You made me look like a total jerk out there!” Then, when Pattinson supposedly defended himself, The Mirror claims Stewart muttered, “Don’t even bother” while brushing past him.

Um… it was planned. Pattinson planned to kiss Lautner. Stewart knew he planned to kiss Lautner. That’s why MTV’s camera cut to Lautner when Pattinson joked on stage about wanting to kiss someone besides Stewart. It’s why you Stewart smiles and says, “Go get him!” as Pattinson bounds into the audience.

The whole thing was a play on the whole “will they or won’t they kiss” game the couple enacted in the past while on stage for the exact same award. “Despite her public humiliation, Kristen and Robert patched up their differences, and were later holding hands and giggling,” observes The Mirror. Um, the only “humiliation” should be the newspaper’s for printing such nonsense in the first place.

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