Robert Pattinson Wrongly Linked to “Mystery” Blonde By Ridiculous Site


By Daniel Gates


On Tuesday, Robert Pattinson attended a party after the Los Angeles premiere of Katy Perry’s new movie Part of Me. His girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, was not there, although many other human females were.

That was enough for outlets like X17Online to absolutely freak out. “While Bella is away, Edward will play!” declared the paparazzi site, which would rather sensationalize Pattinson stories than actually report them.

Clearly rattled by Pattinson’s mere proximity to other people, the site shrieked, “We’re not going to jump to conclusions, but Kristen Stewart isn’t going to be happy about this!” At one point during the evening, Pattinson was photographed next to a blonde woman who was a “mystery” to X17Online.

Well, Gossip Cop has solved the so-called “mystery.” The woman is Kimberley Gordon, the Wildfox designer. And she is totally baffled by the baseless, presumptuous speculation somehow linking her to Pattinson. “It is absolutely not true,” she tells Gossip Cop.

Gordon says, “I have a wonderful boyfriend and [Pattinson] has beautiful Miss Stewart!” She adds, “It’s insane how a second in time can be misinterpreted. I literally took a sip of water and walked inside and they made it look like we were out there for 10 minutes together.”

Gordon tells us she feels like “another pawn in the paparazzi game.” And that’s exactly what this is to places like X17Online, which would rather mess with the facts than give an accurate report of the night.

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