MAG: Katy Perry Wants To “Land” Robert Pattinson Romantically

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By Daniel Gates


The new Us Weekly picks up the rumor about Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson allegedly having an intimate night together at Soho House in Los Angeles, and explains that Perry has “[set] her sights” on Pattinson romantically.

According to the magazine, Perry and Pattinson were “nestled close” and “lingered” during the August 23 dinner “for two,” with Perry “giggling like a coquettish schoolgirl.” An “insider” for Us Weekly says, “She was jokey with him and a little touchy-feely. They were flirting.”

The story acknowledges that Perry and Pattinson have been friends for years, long before their respective relationship dramas with John Mayer and Kristen Stewart. But the tabloid suggests that while the meal may have been just friendly for Pattinson, Perry “is interested in more than just commiserating” about their recent travails.

“Katy would secretly love to land Rob,” explains an Us Weekly source, adding, “But she won’t admit it.” Pals tell the publication that “soft-spoken” Pattinson and “vibrant girlie-girl” Perry “seem mismatched.” But the mag reports, “Despite their differences, friends suspect a romance is simmering between the stars, who both find themselves with relatively free schedules.”

“They’re friends and they have been through a lot,” explains one so-called “pal.” “It would be weird to see them start dating, but stranger things have happened!”

Let’s review what’s actually being said here: Very little. Perry and Pattinson supposedly had a flirtatious dinner for two — except her romantic interest in him is “secret.” Their pals say they’re not each other’s type — but that “stranger things” than them dating have happened. Meanwhile, Us Weekly believes their “relatively free schedules” might mean a “simmering” romance could take off. But it’s not. They did not have dinner alone. Sources at Soho House tell Gossip Cop that Perry and Pattinson dined as part of a group. No matter how it’s spun, this was NOT a romantic evening. It was two friends at an L.A. hotspot with a lot of other people. But because Perry and Pattinson are good tabloid fodder, Us Weekly tried to make something more of it. We’re told Perry does not have her sights set on Pattinson “romantically,” period.

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