Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry Partying at Chateau Marmont Before His Birthday?

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By Michael Lewittes

Robert Pattinson Parties With Katy Perry Before His Birthday,” reads the headline of another fabricated tale from HollywoodLife. According to the laughably unreliable webloid, before Pattinson rang in his birthday on Monday, he “hung out with none other than Katy Perry!” Really?

HollywoodLies, er HollywoodLife claims, “Rob and Katy hit up LA hotspot Chateau Marmont for a night of dancing.” The bogus blog then writes the two “arrived at the club at 10pm where they enjoyed some drinks, before heading home at 2.20pm.” Stop.

The Chateau Marmont is NOT a “club,” it’s a hotel with cool lounge areas inside the lobby and outdoors. Also, they came at “10pm… before heading home at 2:20pm”? That’s a long night and following day of dancing and drinks. Regardless, it’s not as important how moronic the reporting is as it is that the whole premise about Perry and Pattinson hanging out on Thursday night at the Chateau Marmont is NOT TRUE and WRONG.

The more embarrassing backstory — if that’s even possible for the beyond shameless HollywoodLife — is that the webloid stole its erroneous claims from PopSugar, which has subsequently changed its story, and noted on Twitter that they made a big “mistake.” Of course, HollywoodLife is also the same blog that recently made up a story about Kristen Stewart having a “reunion” with Rupert Sanders.

UPDATE: The photo that used to sit on this story tried to convey that Pattinson was partying with Perry. That photo is no longer available.

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Robert Pattinson will party with Katy Perry before his birthday.

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