Robert Pattinson “Hooked Up” With Kristen Stewart After Kissing Katy Perry At The Rover After-Party?

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By Michael Lewittes


Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Hookup

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“It seems Katy Perry isn’t the only girl Robert Pattinson has been cozying up to,” claims an article in the new In Touch, which goes on to report that the “same day he was reportedly spotted kissing the singer at an afterparty for his film The Rover – the actor secretly spent the night with his ex, Kristen Stewart.” None of this is, however, is true.

The tabloid’s alleged “insider” further states that Pattinson and Stewart “definitely hooked up” that night, but he “doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship right now.” Who’s the “insider,” Pinocchio? Remember, In Touch is the same rag that wrongly claimed a year ago that Pattinson was being “used by Perry.”

The tabloid has also had its fair share of errors when it comes to reporting about Kristen Stewart hook-up stories. And for the millionth time, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported, Pattinson and Katy Perry kissing tales are not true.

It seems In Touch believes two wrongs equal a right. Regardless, we checked into this story with sources close to each party, and we’re told the latest In Touch article is completely off-base. Once again, here’s the Gossip Cop challenge: Check our impeccable reporting again in a few months, and we guarantee you’ll see Pattinson and Stewart are no longer hooking up, and the actor is definitely not with Perry.

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