Robert Pattinson: “Yeah,” I’m Still In Touch With Kristen Stewart

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(Hollywood Reporter)

By Shari Weiss

(Hollywood Reporter)

Robert Pattinson covers the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, opening up about life before and after the Twilight Saga.

The actor recalls a fateful, middle-of-the-night talk with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke during the audition process, confessing they had “this ridicu­lous conversation, and I hadn’t read the books or the script or anything and I just bullsh*tted on the phone.”

Pattinson went on to test with Kristen Stewart at the Hardwicke’s home. He says, “In one of the scenes, I [was meant] to take my shirt off, and I think I was the one guy who didn’t.”

Of course, he did ultimately end up shedding his shirt for the film series, which turned out to be way different than he ever expected, especially considering he initially thought it would be similar to Hardwicke’s previous project Thirteen, “but with vampires.”

“I genuinely had no idea it was going to be a [blockbuster],” admits Pattinson, who says “everything changed when they did the marketing, and the general public started to view [the films] in a different way when they started to push the ‘team’ aspect of it.”

He goes on, “It was like, ‘I’m on Team Edward or Team Jacob.’ That saturated everything, and suddenly there was a backlash. Whereas with the first [film], there wasn’t a backlash at all.”

Reflecting on his role as Edward, Pattinson says, “It was quite a constricting character, in a way. You want to make [him] as dramatic as possible, but you have someone who never loses his temper, and so it’s like, ‘How the f*ck do you do this?'” he says. “I think that was one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done.”

The magazine asks whether Pattinson is still in touch with Stewart, and quotes him as “blithely” replying with “Yeah.”

Despite the franchise’s mega-success, the movie star still finds himself struggling to score new roles to the point where he’s asking to meet with various directors in hopes of someday working together. His persistence has paid off in one case, as Spring Breakers filmmaker Harmony Korine is now crafting a project for him.

“He won’t even tell me what it’s about,” reveals Pattinson, and that seems to be just fine, as he tells the magazine, “I don’t know if I’ve really particularly found my feet as an actor yet — I have to prove certain things.”

And while the grind of maintaining a Hollywood career can be taxing (he says he hasn’t even taken time to vacation because he has “a fear of missing out”), Pattinson insists he lives a happy life. “I did some interview a while ago, and it sounds like I’m a manic-depressive about to kill myself,” he laments. “And I’m like, ‘No I’m not!'”

Pattinson calls himself “a relatively solitary person,” but notes, “I’ve been in L.A. for five years, so I know a bunch of people here now,” allowing for a “nice” birthday earlier this month.

He even plays in poker games with former co-star Kellan Lutz, who is apparently very, very good. “It’s ridiculous!” he says. “It’s like they basically just ask, ‘Do you want to spend $500 to hang with us?’ ‘Oh, great!'”

That aside, Pattinson isn’t a big spender. “I buy nice guitars, and that’s about my only expense,” he says, going on to explain why he recently sold his home. He tells THR, “It was too big a house. It was incredible, like Versailles. It was absolutely, completely crazy. It had this incredible garden, but you just stay in one room, anyway.”

“I could basically live in a cell as long as I had a window,” he adds, later noting, “I have extremely simple desires. I don’t need anything. I don’t want anything at all.” In fact, he recounts recently floating in a pool chair with some wine, feeling, “This is absolute heaven. This is all I require out of life.”

Pattinson does, however, still have one serious complaint about being in the spotlight: the paparazzi, who recently stalked him in Los Angeles. “It was like eight cars following me. And this went on for 10 hours, this thing. I literally didn’t know what to do,” he says. “[But] you figure out ways to deal with it.”

“It’s been such a long time now, it just becomes what your life is. I can’t even really remember what my life was like before,” he admits.


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