Site Flip-Flops On Kristen Stewart, Declares End For Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs

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Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Split

By Daniel Gates

Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Split

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Earlier this week, Celeb Dirty Laundry wrongly claimed Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs were causing Kristen Stewart “pain.” Gossip Cop busted the baseless, sensational allegation, which came from an outlet that seems to make up these stories as it goes. On Saturday, the webloid showed once again that its “reporting” strategy appears to be throwing things against a wall and seeing what sticks.

This time, the blog claims the Pattinson-Twigs romance is, in Stewart’s eyes, “either a one-sided love affair or a romance derived purely for publicity purposes.” How that is supposed to line up with the earlier CDL story about Stewart’s alleged “pain” over the relationship is anyone’s guess. If Stewart allegedly knew that Pattinson and Twigs were about to split, why would she be so allegedly distraught?

The site declares, “We’re starting to hear whispers that FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson – despite the engagement rumors that have popped up recently – are planning to call it quits after the winter holiday break.” Well, Gossip Cop already busted the engagement/elopement rumors, but why does Celeb Dirty Laundry think the pair will split in a couple weeks? According to the site, Twigs “isn’t comfortable with how she’s being portrayed in the media.”

Meaning… she isn’t comfortable with the mistruths being spread by places like Celeb Dirty Laundry? It’s well known that Twigs has said she’s uncomfortable with certain aspects of fame. And, as happens in most relationships, she and Pattinson may part ways at some point. But CDL claims Twigs and Pattinson are a “ticking time bomb” because Twigs is supposedly only using Pattinson for his fame and has now “become a household name.”

First of all, Twigs is more famous than she used to be, but not exactly a household name. Second, if Twigs were only dating Pattinson for publicity purposes, why would she want to end things right away? Pretty much ANY time a very famous person dates a somewhat less famous person, Gossip Cop sees stories about how the arrangement is purely professional. It’s a no-win situation for the couple, because whether they stay together or part ways, the media portrays it as a cynical power play. What specific evidence is there to say that Twigs is doing it for fame? CDL has none. Just like how CDL has no specific reason to speculate that Stewart will “be right there to comfort her Twilight lover” when Twigs is “done using him.”

FKA Twigs, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are adults. Pattinson used to date Stewart. Now he’s dating Twigs. Every indication is that the couple is happy, but the future may well find them apart. Stewart is not in “pain” over Twigs and Pattinson, nor is she laying in wait for him. The truth is somewhere in between, and far less conspiratorial and sensational than Celeb Dirty Laundry wants everyone to believe. And if Twigs and Pattinson happen to still be together after Christmas, there’s no way the site will own up to its mistake.

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