CLAIM: Robert Pattinson Getting Fat

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By Daniel Gates


Robert Pattinson is ecstatic that his days filming The Twilight Saga are behind him,” reports Star magazine, explaining, “Now he can go back to enjoying his favorite indulgences: pizza and beer!”

A so-called source explains to the tabloid that having to be in shape for his Edward Cullen role was “pure torture” for the actor, who “hated working out and dieting.” But according to Star, Pattinson didn’t even wait until filming wrapped on Breaking Dawn to start packing on pounds.

The magazine claims he “ultimately lost the battle to keep himself in buff condition” and started “sneaking his favorite treats” well before shooting stopped. “By the last week of the shoot, Rob had gained so much that they had to keep making the beach scenes darker and darker so you couldn’t see his beer belly,” alleges the Star source.

Wait a minute. Many months after production ended, Star now wants us to believe that Pattinson was so heavy during filming, producers allegedly had to adjust for the weight gain? Why was there no evidence or reporting about this when it was supposedly happening? Maybe because it’s a totally bogus story Star is floating to fill the slow holiday week?

A production source tells Gossip Cop there was no sudden weight surge for Pattinson during Breaking Dawn, let alone anything drastic enough to necessitate a full-scale change in lighting. Moreover, the notion that Pattinson is thrilled to be a slob now that he’s done playing Cullen makes no sense whatsoever, given that he’s continuing to make movies. A source close to the actor tells Gossip Cop that while it’s no secret Pattinson isn’t a huge fan of working out, he’s not stuffing himself silly, as Star declares.

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